South End News

In the fall of 2009, I started writing for the South End News, a free weekly newspaper. The South End was my geographical beat for my Newswriting and Reporting class at Boston University, so I fell into writing for the paper after I got to know the neighborhood. In the summer of 2010, I interned for the newspaper, and I  freelanced from September 2010 through January 2012.

The South End is an up-and-coming neighborhood, situated between the Back Bay, Bay Village, Chinatown, Dorchester and Roxbury. The neighborhood is home to wealthy young professionals, a sizable contingent of Boston’s LGBT community, low-income housing, artists’ studios and galleries, Boston University’s medical school, and Boston’s largest homeless shelter, the Pine Street Inn. With such disparate elements living together in one neighborhood, often on the same street, the South End always has a controversy or a celebration to write about. Whether it’s big news, such as a troubled elementary school with a constantly changing administration or a heated controversy over a planned biolab at BU’s medical center, or the small issues that trouble South Enders every day (parking, trash and crime), there’s always something to investigate or report on.

Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Washington Street in the South End

“He was like a brother to me”

A flower grows on Albany Street

The power of a story

Festival celebrates Puerto Rican culture

Worcester Square safe despite low groundwater levels

South End businesses optimistic amid cloudy economic recovery

Political speed-dating

Energetic evening

The true cost of being a South Ender

Tensions high at BU biolab meeting

Collaboration combats crime

New Horizons for Abundant Table

Blackstone School readies for January designation

Poor turnout at Chang-Diaz’s South End office hours

Note: the following four articles are a series that I wrote and researched about the history of the South End in the nineteenth century.

Occupied by the Sea: From the Old, Old South End, Part 1

Boston Police Log, 1880: From the Old, Old South End, Part 2

The Spectacle of the Cyclorama: From the Old, Old South End, Part 3

A piano man and his South End factories: From the Old, Old South End, Part 4


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